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Friendship shopping center in Moscow to address the list of stores in the shopping center and the most interesting clothes from a catalog+7 499 973-59-10 +7 495 973-01-23 Shops 10.00 22.00 the supermarket Carrefour working hours 10.

00 22.00 phone: +7 495 984-07-15 Just in the shopping center 4 café and restaurant Starbucks hours of operation 07.00 to 23.

00 tel: +7 495 644-11-23 The restaurant Firs-sticks mode service 10.30 22.30 10.

30 22.30 shipping phone: +7 499 973-92-01 Chinese Friendship restaurant work schedule 11.00 23.

00 tel.+7 499 973-12-12 +7 499 973-12-34 McDonald's 06.30 00.

15: +7 499 973-01-43 Services pharmacy nail Studio Wellness center ATMs Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, ROSBANK, etc., dry cleaning Studio Studio nail Polish airline Hainan AIR How to get The easiest way to the shopping center Friendship Moscow metro. The output of the station Novoslobodskaya is located in close proximity to the shopping centre.

Mendeleevskaya station located 300 m from the shopping center Friendship. Also to the shopping center Friendship can be reach by road walking on Dolgorukovskaya street Metro station Novoslobodskaya. Near shopping Mall has an open Parking for 20 cars.

Unfortunately nothing was found. Directory of clothing shops in the shopping center Friendship Boots black leather with suede inserts Ecco 9 499 RUB. Slippers cotton blue Oodji 499 RUB.

Fitness tracker white silicone Onetrak 1 999 RUB. Bodysuit pink lace Oodji 1 199 RUB. Jumper beige with stripes Outventure 2 299 RUB.

Sweatshirt grey with a drawstring closure logo Nike 2 399 rubles. Hoodie gray zip up PUMA 2 399 rubles. Blue sweatshirt and a drawstring closure logo Nike 2 399 rubles.

Boots black nubuck Ecco 8,099 RUB. Shoes brown leather Ecco 7 299 RUB. Boots black nubuck Ecco 6 399 rubles.

Black tank top with contrast print Kappa 509 RUB. Tank top turquoise sports Kappa 849 RUB. Black tank top with contrast trim Fila 749 RUB Tank top blue sports Kappa 849 RUB.

Grey Nike tank top compression 1 999 RUB. Grey hoodie with print Demix RUB 1 049 Hooded zipper grey print Demix 839 RUB. Turtleneck gray Outventure 599 RUB.

White sneakers with zip Demix 999 RUB. Cardigan black stripe Acoola 1 499 RUB. Shirt blue cotton Acoola 1 160 RUB.

Sneakers textile blue Demix 1 099 RUB. Dress black with decorative buttons Acoola 1 510 RUB. You were redirected from be-in.

ru to the partner site All about clothes online and in the shops of the city © 2006 2017 Be-in.

ru this is the recommendation platform which includes clothing footwear and accessories as network and local brands from 6000 shops in 200 cities of Russia and 50 cities of the CIS. In the outfit we talk about the best things that you can buy in the stores in your city and online.

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