The Word Friendship

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FRIENDSHIP-s well. A close relationship based on mutual trust, affection and similar interests. Old D.

D. classmates. Not in service and friendship, not out of obligation but because of friendship.

. n || ADJ. friendly -AE -OE.

Accent friendship well. FRIENDSHIP friendship more. no wives.

Close friendly relations close acquaintance as a result of attachment and location. Long-standing friendship. Do it to me out of friendship.

Being friends with someone see to drive. Not in service and friendship pogov. - out of the kindness of courtesy.

Not in service and friendship bring me some water. fellowship friendliness benevolence, camaraderie friendship lady peace accord familiarity short introduction twinning blagopriyatny bonhomie love the fraternization of unity fellowship Alliance branch bread-salt Koreshkova friendly relations friendly relations close relations Commonwealth kunachestvo unity bow blagopriyatny short relationship Smyk companionship. Ant.

the feud until 1976 Sharlauk city since 1974 in Uzbekistan, Khorezm region Railway station Pitnak. 134 thousand inhabitants in 1991. Aggregate plant, etc.

Near the Friendship Tyuyamuyunsk the waterworks.---the city from 1962 in the Ukraine Sumy region near the Ukrainian border of the Russian Federation and Belarus. Railway junction Khutor-Mikhailovsky.

73 thousand inhabitants in 1991. Sugar-refinery.---a seaside climatic resort in Bulgaria on the Black m.

North-East from Varna. customerident friendship drugstopical relationships between people without seeking to achieve some pragmatic goals based on common interests and mutual arrangement Fellowship friendliness benevolence, harmony peace accord familiarity short introduction twinning blagopriyatny bonhomie love the fraternization of the unity fellowship friendship sincere hypocritical dog close.To make that friendship.

The frets are just more expensive. Seduced by my fame, he started to look for my friendships. Gun.


braider. .to be in friendship led to a friendship to sever a friendship to keep the friendship.

. bonhomie blagopriyatny a fraternizing fellowship between unity kunachestvo twinning affection friendship, the consent of the Commonwealth partnership branch bread and salt дружбадружбыдружбыдружбдружбедружбамдружбудружбыдружбойдружбоюдружбамидружбедружбах Glosum.

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