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Specializiruetsya if this restaurant for Cantonese cuisine If it is a restaurant to visit with children If this restaurant for lunch If this restaurant for dinner If this restaurant for Breakfast Does this restaurant free WiFi If the restaurant tables on the street We offer this restaurant chairs for toddlers We offer this restaurant alcoholic beverages This restaurant is known for its bar atmosphere Thank You for the help Moscow for 3 days Moscow for Your children Moscow for free After a two month break went back to Friendship. I must say this time the impression is pleasant. The portions returned to the previous level to traitional dishes there were no complaints we always sekayam raskalennoi beef on a platter with black pepper fried rice and roasted eggplant.

The waiters are efficient. And as a result again increased visitors although previous notices still far. Of the minuses.

. More Repeatedly friends and I visited this restaurant.

Nothing changes in it. Those Chinese dishes liberally sprinkled with soy sauce and seasoned with glutamatom sodium. The same filthy toilet with cockroaches.

Prices are not cheap. So if you are a connoisseur of authentic Chinese cuisine that is authentic and you are here. Here are the classic dishes of dumplings, carp in sweet and sour sauce pork in sweet and sour sauce various salads.

To appreciate Chinese cuisine to those who in it understands. After reading rave reviews, I realized that with this problem. When a person admires the place he compares to place in a shopping center or even with something obscene.

In this sense I agree with him but the Friendship is better than there is NOT Chinese is a food substitute psevdokitay and nothing else. I remember.

. More excellent cuisine, more than 200 Chinese dishes tasty large portions, not derevoobrobnyk interior cards are not accepted My familiarity with Chinese cuisine began with Friendship and then I took all my friends to this restaurant. In total I was there about five times and still thinks it will visit far more than once.

One of the advantages is very tasty Of the minuses no payment card problem with mobile Internet restaurant is in the basement of the prices could be slightly lower. Once upon a time was here with friends who decided to show me a real Chinese restaurant. Went here with my wife, but as a guide I was already.

Coming here with an understanding about what awaits us all so much. It seems to me that false expectations formed glossy Chinese restaurants from our top restaurateurs are causing the bad reviews. The decor is very austere.

Not all waitresses are good..

More Tonight we visited this place. When we sat down at the table and examined the menu prices.

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