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04 january 2017, 04:46

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Authentic Chinese cuisine. You are the owner of this place Chinese restaurant Druzhba is located in the shopping center Friendship. The exterior of this restaurant is very similar to the average restaurant in China.

It all looks like in China and the waiters are deft and furniture and private booths and menus with photos of each dish. Chef restaurant Chinese. Come here lovers of authentic Chinese cuisine and those who like to try something new.

This restaurant, like the Chinese themselves. A distinctive feature of the Chinese restaurants fast cooking of all dishes. In Friendship, your order will bring you in 10 minutes.

Very popular in restaurant use pork with pineapple sweet carp that is served already boned. You can try exotic dishes of frog's legs jellyfish pig stomachs. The menu is marked by asterisks spiciness of dishes to guests was easy to navigate.

Remember that Friendship is very large portions and to calculate the forces. Even though all that you are finished you will pack with you. The drinks here of course the popular green tea and Chinese beer, wine and spirits.

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