Most of the animals is a kind and wonderful creatures.

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Most of the animals is a kind and amazing creatures. They are like no other can help each other to be friends and to love. Friendships between animals are not uncommon and manifestations of funny and touching for people who are happy to see people take photographs.

All the more surprising when friends those creatures of the animal world which seemingly just supposed to be enemies..

Completely different species can be friends and help each other. Also found the friendship between wild and domestic animals such as friendship between a cat and a tiger, or between a hedgehog and a cat. While many cats at the sight of a defenseless chicken think But and lunch, the ginger tabby kitten from Russia saw in him in trouble a friend in need in the paw.

Chicken Pavlovskaya hens are particularly vulnerable to attacks by rats and other predators, but this baby stayed safe all spring, thanks to his funny feline bodyguard. When my mother died of a baby elephant Themba vets Property reserve hoped another elephant would adopt the orphan but no one wanted to nurse him. Veterinarians took care of the elephant constantly watching him and worrying, but Themba was too depressed and didn't want to eat.

Fearing that the animal will die of starvation the doctors introduced him to albert, a sheep from a nearby village in the hope that they will become friends. And although their relationship was initially some tension animals soon became inseparable and Themba finally started to eat. With surprising interspecies devotion antelope for weeks watched as the Canada goose breeds in a cemetery in Buffalo new York USA.

Goose to hatch eggs in a large urn and the antelope was standing not far frequently so moving to be a barrier between the bird and the cars or passers-by. Usually male and female geese incubate the eggs, taking turns to keep them warm but this time the expectant mother was all alone except for his counsel in the face of the antelope. Soon the goslings hatched and left the urn and the antelope continued to protect them fending off the crows preying on Chicks.


grew up together in the Cincinnati zoo, PCs Ohio, USA and became close friends, proving that cats and dogs really can get along. These animals are involved in the protection program is implemented cats in the zoo with the support of the Fund for the protection of cheetahs which aims to protect those on the verge of extinction. In this programme, farmers in Namibia and South Africa learn how to use of this type of dogs to protect livestock from cheetahs, thus not destroying the cats.

In 2006, a photographer from India, took this picture which.

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