Friendship is a great value

04 january 2017, 04:54

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School scintigrafia of perekusyvaete New works One of the main spiritual needs of man is communication. Communication with those who you can trust who will always understand and support on whom you can rely on in any life situation. So it must be a true friend sincere devotee decent.

In the big world man is hard to find yourself a friend but even harder not to lose it because some things do not change relationship with him. Real is exactly the kind of friend with whom he passed and joy and sorrow and who in joys and in sorrows stayed. Although each of us in a sense is selfish true friendship is a relationship which requires devotion and sometimes even self-sacrifice.

Who asks and give forget only have what he has. Colombian proverb In friendship, the interests of companion should weigh no less than their own because the principles of equality and mutual respect put people on a higher level help to keep in heart, selfless love to one another. We ask a friend to come and offer their services promise to share with him the table of the house the property.

It is small for fulfilling the promise. Jean de La Bruyere Do not confuse sincere friendship with a friendly relationship because of friends a person may be many but a true friend is always the same. Friends can be similar interests, a common place of work or study, but between them there is a real spiritual unity that makes people one as possible.

Friendship is a delicate thing and finding dirt that diamond need to make every effort to ensure it doesn't lost its luster. So close relationships require the renunciation of lies deceit mistrust. Not to trust the other more shameful than to be deceived.

F. de La Rochefoucauld For each person one of my biggest challenges is loneliness. No wonder people sentenced to death have long been punished by imprisonment in solitary confinement.

Man is a social being and needs society. In the literature there are many examples of how hard a person experiences loneliness. For example, the count of Monte Cristo from the novel by Alexandre Dumas or Robinson Crusoe by D.

Defoe. Both characters were doomed to an indefinite period of time to be alone with yourself and a real gift from heaven thought of his loyal friends finally met Abbe Faria and Friday. But is not only trying to escape from loneliness in all attempts of man to find a friend Because we must remember that true friendship is tested by years of dialogue and tricky situations from which both emerge with dignity.

Therefore, you should not rely on people who don't know.

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