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04 january 2017, 04:45

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No unfortunately That friendship Easy fervor hangover Grievances free conversation Exchange vanity idleness Ile patronage a shame..

as part of the course Russian language and speech culture, a discussion was held on the topic, can a friendship in the modern world. Second year students chose a topic and therefore during conversation it was not indifferent. Essential questions can a friendship in our modern world dominated by practicality and everyone is trying just for yourself is it possible to speak about the true of these friends can the real friendship between men, between women and between a man and a woman whose friendship stronger and better - male or female - of all made me think.

Opinions were divided, and leading discussions of Queen Anne and Abakumova Elizabeth wasn't always easy to control the discussion. In his opening remarks, they declared the discussion gave her study and stated the problem and purpose of the discussion and identified key concepts and the questions which were proposed topic. The biggest response was the issue about the nature of friendship and love.

Most are entrenched in their opinion that even in our cruel world there is a place of true friendship and one cannot say that it is not or it somehow changed. Here is the opinion of Anastasia Lukashevo Definitely need friendship it is necessary for all and always. Because friendship involves trust communication understanding reciprocity and sincerity and who will be able to live without this Friend - enemy friendship - enmity friend - friend - friend - sympathy - love.

. In reasoning about friendship to hold data parallel you just need because without this it is impossible to understand what friendship is to understand someone close to you is a close friend or buddy or maybe hiding behind the mask of the enemy.

. Real sincere close eternal friends - now so many love words like nothing in them not investing. And how or what is tested friendship first distance.

Second time. If you do not communicate any budding friendship may come to naught. Thirdly they say that the friend is known in trouble.

I agree with this but not completely. Yes friend I sympathize will help in trouble after all, how else he needs, he realizes that it is impossible to deny a person who trusts you. But I think that a true friend will not only help in misfortune and rejoice with the man.

After all, sympathize with all know how you can do absolutely anything in this is not.

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