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04.2008 Author Frolov, Pyotr Ivanovich 31.07.

2014 Author Lebedev Grigoriy A. 16.06.

2010 Dear O. In this situation, the best solution would be the recognition of ownership of the You paid for the apartment by applying to a court to recover from the Friendship of a penalty in accordance with clause 5CT. 28 of the Federal law On the protection of the rights of consumers, the amount of which will amount to 3% of the cost of your apartment for each day of delay but not more than 100%.

So not only will you have the ownership of his apartment and the ability to manage it on your own but also get substantial financial compensation. Author Lebedev Grigoriy A. 27.

05.2010 Author Vitaly Vasilyevich 26.03.

2010 Author Karmanova O. O. 20.

02.2010 Author Morozova Olga 11.06.

2009 Author Chubko G. W 20.04.

2009 Author Kurilenok Vladimir Afanasyevich 07.04.2009 Hello Catherine a class action lawsuit sense to apply there.

The court you will not receive it. Moreover, for investors the decision of the lawsuit - could not be worse because the first decision will be a document of title in which no unnecessary information on all apartments or portions of apartments with a large amount. Second if at least one shareholder will have problems in the process then all will be tied to the resolution of these problems.

Well, as I said, the courts do not like to consider such cases on class actions. We recommend to address in court with the individual requirements. The apartment is not something on which you should save your ways.

With respect Author senior lawyer Sukhov Oleg Vladimirovich 26.03.2009 Author Catherine 26.

03.2009 Read here on the website many of your recommendations to go to court with the requirement to Friendship to pay damages and penalty for delay construction time. Appeal to the court - a strange and risky for the layman company.

So people should know a practice. Please cite specific examples of cases and indicate how much investors have already appealed to the court on this issue as won your case how much did you get from the Friendship and the money in which Rosmersholm Affairs took place with the participation of your center and how many investors while at the same have lost their apartments because of the reluctance of Friendship to see among their investors those who judged it will not be the Friendship to put up with them and then after losing the process will try to terminate the contract especially since he is not schitaetsya applicable. Hello Nikolay Robertovich your question at least strange.

You're more like employee's Friendship than their client. As for the question of whether who lost their apartments due to court the answer is no not lost.

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