Class hour "What is friendship?". 3rd class

04 january 2017, 04:46

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The contents Sections School psychological service the Competition the Presentation for the lesson Download the presentation 264 MB Attention preview the slides used for informational purposes only, and may not give an idea of all the possibilities of presentation. If you are interested in this job please download the full version. The purpose of the formation in the class friendly relations of positive psychological climate.

Tasks Equipment multimedia equipment computer screen projector presentation form for diagnostic self-assessment memo Rules friendship sheets of paper colored pencils scissors needle and thread for the teacher. The event Slide 2 - About friendship told all the time about it in writing and orally Express their thoughts poets writers, scientists and philosophers. For example French writer Francois de La Rochefoucauld in The 17th century said the Most beautiful gift made after wisdom is friendship.

And the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates who lived before BC wrote No communication between people it is impossible without friendship. Today we will talk about how to be a true friend and we will try to formulate rules of friendship. But first we have to find out what is friendship Students give their definition of the concept friendship.

Slide 3 - Now let us turn to the Explanatory dictionary Vladimir Ivanovich dal where he leads such the definition of friendship Friendship is mutual attachment of two or more people close relationship their selfless strong affection based on love and respect 1. First famous the scientist and the writer puts unselfishness. What such disinterested friendship children's Responses.

You friends with men, not in order to you anything good did not because it profitable. You're friends with a person because he close to you. Close to his interests, his views, his inner peace.

Slide 4 - There are many Proverbs and sayings about friendship. Pick up each proverb ending. What other Proverbs about friendship you know Slide 5 - What are the characteristics and qualities we know a true friend What are these qualities.

At click the data quality change color. Where these qualities are manifested In actions. Slide 6 The study of self-esteem.

- Now every man for himself you try to do conclusion as far as he has the qualities a true friend. Each student is dealt the form. Annex 1 - These lists are written opposite quality.

Rate yourself. Put a cross on scale the self-assessment closer to the quality that you have you are more developed. View and think that you need a change.

Slide 7 - We are all different. Each of us has as advantages and disadvantages.

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